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Who I am

“Connecting passion with purpose”


In France

Native French, born and raised in the Paris area, I studied International Business in Paris, where I have worked for 10 years in Sales and Communication management positions within two blue-chip companies: Rentokil Initial and Bouygues Telecom.


We had the project to live abroad with our family, which came true in 2006 with the start of a wonderful adventure that went on for 13 years. First we lived for 4 years in Cairo, Egypt, then 4 years in Dubai, UAE, and finally 5 years in São Paulo, Brazil.
This new life has brought me the perspective I needed to reinvent my personal and professional life in an international context. That’s why I decided in 2008 to embark on the coaching venture which had drawn my attention for many years and that i now practice from France, based in Lyon.

The Coaching Adventure

Coaching, a trust-based relationship

It is difficult to define coaching with a single word because nowadays it is used in many different areas, making it easy to lose sight of its original meaning.
Above all, I believe coaching to be a trust-based relationship between 2 people who choose each other and team up for a defined period of time, a true partnership in which coach and coachee combine their assets, resources and skills to achieve the coachee’s objectives.
My passion for coaching took its first root in self-image coaching, later adding life coaching, professional coaching and more recently career guidance coaching for high school students, whom I also enjoy working with.

“The art of delivering minds”

My role is to support people in their journey so that they can find their own solutions. It is maieutics as conceived by Socrates: “the art of delivering minds”. I help them unleash their potential while providing positive support, tools, feedback and advice to help them become self-reliant.

Magnificence Coaching - Benedicte Seguin - Coach en developpement personnel et professionnel

My Coaching Approach

Results-oriented active coaching

Before starting any coaching program, the necessary time and energy will be spent on creating a caring, confidential and positive environment, thus enabling me to be 100% available, attentive, creative and in touch with the people I coach.

My coaching style is action-oriented with tangible results that help people to:
▪ Clarify their personal or professional objectives
▪ Determine what their real motivations are
▪ Identify obstacles and bottlenecks
▪ Highlight their strengths and resources
▪ Explore options and potential opportunities
▪ Identify their priorities
▪ Define a realistic strategy and action plan consistent with their objective
▪ Evaluate their progress and success
▪ Stay focused, motivated and creative

Credentials & Skill Set

Inspiring Leaders

During my coaching training, I had the opportunity to forge my experience with trainers and leaders who really “made a difference” for me. They gave me confidence in what I could bring others by getting the best out of myself, and more importantly helped me to get to know myself better. This is why I have practiced my job for the past 13 years with passion, reinventing it and adapting it to the context of the countries in which I have lived.

International training

After being really impressed by some personal and professional image coaching workshops that I followed on my job in France, I naturally oriented myself on this path and obtained my certification in Paris in 2008. Later on, in Dubai I deepened my skills by attending the coaching program at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). After graduating in 2012, I decided to pursue my studies and completed in 2013 the 9-month CTI leadership program in order to better meet the needs and expectations of my professional clients. Back in France at the end of 2019, I validated my accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Varied creative tools

In my practice, I design, adapt and select tools according to individuals, contexts and needs. I rely on the tools I have been trained to use as well as on my own toolbox. Among these tools are: 360 degree feedback survey, the GROW model, Gallup’s CliftonStrengths test to discover your major talents and learn to put them into action, Enneagram, Vision board, Wheel of Life, ONISEP guidance tests, narrative practices like the Tree of Life, sophrology techniques, REIKI…

Continuous supervision

As a professional coach, I am committed to a continuous process of supervision and comply with the ICF coaches’ code of ethics.

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