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Executive Coaching

Make your career meaningful again!

My Approach

Supporting change

Change management is a key step nowadays, as digital and artificial intelligence are invading and transforming the lives of companies as well as individuals at an increasing pace. Just as companies redefine their social role and the meaning they give to work, products and environment, I support employees who want to reinvent their professional life and the meaning of their work while diving into the new digital culture. In this context of transformation, coaching is a powerful development practice that is truly adapted to the unique needs and personalities of individuals and teams to boost performance and unleash potential.

Reconciling development, performance and ambition

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”- Confucius

In this rapidly ever-changing world, more and more executives find themselves in life or career transition, searching for a new, more fulfilling work-life balance. I am committed to help the coachees and provide them with real answers in the necessary process of restoring meaning to their personal and professional life. By getting the coachees to ask themselves the right questions, coaching leads to a better self-awareness. It enables everyone to achieve their objectives and make their choices by remaining faithful to their convictions and listening to their deep aspirations.

Personal request for executive coaching

Give your career a boost

If you find yourself in the winds of change, whether by choice or not, coaching is a great way to help you rethink your priorities and make strategic choices, consistent with your goals : anticipate professional mobility, succeed in a new position, improve management skills, improve performance or even turn your life.

The most common goals identified are : how to handle a difficult working relationship, enhance communication skills and self-image, optimize management style, restore efficiency and enthusiasm in the leadership style, manage time effectively, reconcile professional and personal obligations, overcome a career transition, strengthen self- confidence.

My coaching practice

Stepping out of your daily routine and frame of reference, you are encouraged improve your perception by looking at it from different angles. This enhanced self-awareness implies increased clarity, assertiveness and confidence in your actions. As a consequence, you will see a wider range of opportunities and choices to reach your goal. My coaching plan ranges from 6 to 12 sessions of 1h30 to 2h every two weeks.

Companies' executive coaching

Empowering employees and providing opportunities for growth

Developing an employee’s skills on a specific task, helping him overcome an issue or develop his potential are some of the main motivations for a company to call me in.

Coaching is considered a real investment and a sign of recognition of the employee’s worth, as the company trusts his ability to grow. Concretely, a tripartite contract is signed between the company, the coachee and myself in order to set a measurable and realistic goal. The coaching phase will then include 6 to 12 individual sessions, followed by a report and a joint debriefing in the end.

Strengthening team spirit and collective performance

The goal of team coaching is to improve effectiveness, harmony, morale and productivity of teams. In a company’s day-to-day life, when individuals need to work together as a team, it can bring various complications, from increased competitiveness to sabotaging spirit, clashing personalities or conflict avoidance. Team coaching can help groups harmonize office environments and handle problems more effectively, while working together to meet common objectives.
Among the requests for executive coaching that i deal with are: developing authentic relationships based on trust, recreating relationships, promoting creativity in the workplace, improving communication between team members, strengthening cohesion by valuing each individual’s assets, or developing coaching skills for managers.

Coaching Interventions

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