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Student Career Guidance

Make a success of your student and professional life!

My Approach

Creating your own future

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

Barely of age, high school students already have to choose for their future, a complex choice for which they can be insufficiently prepared. But when well-guided, motivated and involved, they are quickly able to design a purposeful career path and look at their future with better judgment.

Whether it is to plan a first career path or redefine a new one, the coaching support that I provide will help students to be truly actors of their future and make choices that will ensure their academic and professional success.

Choosing a fulfilling career

Despite your expectations, a career path rarely offers a perfect straight line from A to B and C.

About one in three graduates ends up a mismatch to the job they find after completing their studies. Students are usually unaware of the value of their skills and experience, as well as of jobs requirements. Undertaking a career guidance coaching at the beginning of your studies will provide you with meaningful careers advice that will help you assess your skills and strengths – and understand how these can match various career options.

Coaching process

A high schooler will be supported in the same way as a student, a professional or any adult coachee. The only difference is that the parents of the high schooler will attend the first meeting, in order to define all together the coaching objectives and expectations.

The coaching process takes about 5 or 6 sessions of 1,5 hours each for the student to achieve the building of a realistic career path.

Coaching High School Students

Designing a meaningful student path

Regardless your academic performance, you can already prepare for the future by building up a career development path that matches your personality and motivations. Through a positive and structured coaching approach, I will encourage you to trust yourself, to own your learning skills and reconnect with your dreams and your creativity. Once you do, you will be able to develop your ‘High School and Beyond’ plan in a meaningful way.

Acing your interviews

Beside written exams, high school students will be faced with oral exams and interviews, which are designed to highlight the candidates’ personalities and to select those who make the difference.

Beyond your knowledge, the jury’s attention will be drawn to your interpersonal skills and your singularity. Within a few coaching sessions, you will have acquired the key tools to improve your speech, your communication skills and your image (body language, dress code), and thus succeed in making the difference while remaining true to yourself.

Coaching Students

Changing directions

Are you not satisfied with your postgraduate choice? There’s still time to change your mind! It’s alright to change career direction at postgraduate level. There are more students coming in for coaching sessions every year in order to switch tracks.

Many students also apply for postgraduate studies after spending time on a job and realizing the career path they wish to follow requires retraining. Undertaking a career coaching at this point is a real opportunity to unable you to realign your education with your goals or even re-boot your career.

Building a successful career plan

Building a career plan is an essential step to enter the job market successfully. To make sense, it must take into account who you are, your knowledge and skills, what is important to you and your motivations. By highlighting the good match between what your want for your career, your skills and knowledge, and the job market requirements, I will help you gain efficiency, coherence and relevance.

For a targeted, efficient and rewarding job search

Once you get your degree, it’s time to look for your first job! Resume, cover letter, job interviews : I am here to encourage you to adopt a winning strategy, convince recruiters and make a successful start in your working life.

Coaching Interventions

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