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Coaching-A Rewarding Experience

Life Coaching

Manuela, Sustainable Development Consultant

Thanks to a sensitive and objective listening, Bénédicte naturally encourages you to recover and discover your potential by emphazing your strengths and acknowledging  your weaknesses together. She stimulates and follows you up to perform and achieve your objectives. Working with Benedicte has been a rewarding experience.

Anne, Naturopathic Practitioner

Benedicte has been a great help in improving my outlook and self-confidence. Empathetic, with a smart touch of humor, she always made me feel at ease during coaching sessions. I learnt a lot about myself, and I still use the tips and advice she gave me. I am convinced that she played her part in my successful professional transition.

Nadine, HR by training but Salesperson by heart

I met Bénédicte during my stay in Dubai to help me develop my career and achieve my personal goals. She came across with such a refreshing approach and positive perspectives by sharing insights and strategies for success in a way that is easy to assimilate. Bénédicte challenges you to be your best and helps you find the tools within you to rise up your full potential. She provided terrific guidance. I would recommend her to any person or company looking for change management.

Executive Coaching

Personal requests for executive coaching

Christian, VP Global Product, Strategy and Market Development

Benedicte is a great coach. She has the capacity to drive you to leverage your full potential and find your true self. She is able in a very empathic way to drive you through highly complex business relations. Benedicte carries you to understand your strengths and limits. Thanks to her support I walk the talk more coherently.

Johann, Strategy, Regulations, M&A – Principal Consultant, Head of Middle East

I got in touch with Bénédicte after feedback from my management that I needed to develop my sensitivity to clients and colleagues, improve my communication skills and NBED. Bénédicte helped me to understand the fundamentals of the issues and develop strategies towards fixing the issues identified. This was done through regular sessions where we debrief the latest developments understand the underlying rationale and define action plans until the
next session. While I was doing most of the talking, Bénédicte’s maieutic questions were key to the definition of the relevant action plans. After around half a dozen sessions, my colleagues and management realised the change and I even got the promotion I was previously denied. Thanks Bénédicte!

Zé Eduardo, Music Director

I met Bénédicte through the Parent-Student Association of French Lycee Pasteur in São Paulo. I needed a professional coach to guide me and help me develop my potential for a career transition that was a great challenge in my life. On the one hand, being able to work for one of the largest French audio companies and on the other hand, being able to keep my company in Brazil.
Bénédicte, with her eyes and sensitivity, led me to trust my strengths, value my achievements and establish a strategy to make meaningful decisions. Not easy to do, especially in French! In the end, I was really impressed by such consistent and fast results.

Companies’s executive coaching

Alberto, HR director headquarters and business units Spain at Schneider Electrics

I had the pleasure to work with Benedicte to build a coaching program for our HR Business Partners. She is a very talented coach able to frame the problem and create excellent rapport with the coachee quickly. I really hope I’m able to collaborate again with her in the future.

Cyrille, DRH at Louis Vuitton

Bénédicte worked with us this year on a couple of leadership projects/coaching and I can easily say she met and exceeded our expectations. Bénédicte showed a high level of professionalism in her work, and we noticed an obvious improvement with positive feedback from the Managers she worked with. Her natural people skills, intuitive leadership style and enthusiasm earned our respect in the department and throughout our network. She encourages the human being to achieve personal and professional goals in developing their abilities to adapt to new situations, decision support and removing limiting beliefs. Bénédicte has the ability to listen, question, rephrase frame. Remain vigilant to the correlation between the verbal and nonverbal, therefore, she focuses on how best to achieve the desired result and not issues. Bénédicte will be an asset to any company and I recommend her without reservation.

Nicolas, Country Manager France, Benelux & Switzerland at Telefónica Business Solutions

I have been working for a year with Benedicte and I have to say that it has been very fruitful. She has drove me throughout my transformation in my job, leading me to find the answers to my questions. She has been always positive and very flexible, which corresponds 100% with my needs. I am now more confident in what I do and I have now a clear picture of my expectations, having also in mind my plan to achieve my objectives. Really, Benedicte has played a key role in my today success.

Student Career Guidance

Céline, Vice Principal, Lycée Français of São Paulo – Brazil

For the past two years, Bénédicte has been working with our high school students at French Lycee Pasteur in São Paulo. In a group, she knows how to restore everyone’s self-esteem and build confidence among group members. Very involved in our guidance committee, she leads a real successful career guidance policy for our future graduates by preparing them for postgraduate interviews.


In a way, the workshop with Bénédicte brought me some “discipline”. I was able to structure and prioritise all the thoughts and ideas I had in my head about my future. I was able to look at them differently and notice which ones were right for me with a more objective eye, maybe because I knew that someone was there to shed light on things I wasn’t aware of. And in the end it was by letting go of myself that I was able to find answers. Our second meeting helped me set up my career plan and confirm my choice for anthropology. I felt more soothed and relieved.


The workshop was great, first of all because there was a friendly atmosphere that made you feel good. Secondly I liked the concept of the “Tree of Life”, and for once we could talk about our qualities and our ideas for the future without feeling arrogant or ridiculous. It’s very important to know what you want to be and it gives you self-confidence!

Lou Ann

This workshop helped me put my thoughts into words and shed some lights on the matter. It gave me more self-confidence. It also reassured me in what I like and what I want to be.


Although my work with Benedicte was quite punctual, it definitely gave me enough time to get a good grasp of her great coach skills. In just a few fruitful sessions, she helped me in finding a finer direction for my career and personal goals. She balances joviality with professionalism, always energetic and enthusiastic. Amazing listener, she is gifted with impressive communication skills which allow her giving insightful and constructive pieces of advice. She works with smart and stimulating workshops, targeting individual introspection, demanding to reflect about yourself comprehensively, with both strengths and weaknesses. Thus, she drives you to your own conclusions and helps you build a coherent narrative over your personal, work, and life orientation. Working with Bénédicte was both a pleasant and enriching time, and I vividly recommend her as a coach.

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