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Life & Executive Coaching

Executives, Students and Individuals,
embrace your strengths and focus your resources on achieving your ambitions.

Discover my taylor made coaching solutions for individuals and teams

Coaching Expertise

Unleash your creative potential individually or in group

Magnificence Coaching - Bénédicte Seguin Professionnels étudiants particuliers

Executive Coaching

Be proactive, give your career a boost and accelerate your development

Individual Coaching
Coaching sessions designed to adopt a pro-active posture to achieve your professional ambitions. You will discover how to restore meaning and purpose at work and how to realize your talent potential.

In teams and groups
Interactive, pragmatic and agile approach to improve interpersonal relationships and enhance the performance of teams and groups.

Magnificence Coaching - Bénédicte Seguin Professionnels étudiants particuliers

Student Career Guidance

Strengthen your self-confidence, be actor of your future and make your student and professional life a success.

Individual coaching
Creative approach to develop self-knowledge, awareness and mindfulness to lead a meaningful life in line with values, talents, potential and ambitions.

In teams and groups
Interactive approach to boost self-confidence and improve communication skills to make a positive difference during oral exams and postgraduate interviews.

Magnificence Coaching - Bénédicte Seguin Professionnels étudiants particuliers

Life Coaching

Boost your self-esteem, dare to be creative and achieve your life goals

Individual coaching
Increase efficiency and autonomy in order to make ambitious and fulfilling life choices.

In teams and groups
Positive group dynamics to build self-esteem, self- confidence and unleash the creative potential of everyone.

Tree of Life Workshop

Creative and effective, this workshop draws inspiration from the metaphor of the tree to take a step backwards in your life/work, make meaningful connections and rediscover your strengths and resources. For anyone wishing to boost professional or personal goals.

Outcome: restoring purpose and meaning in your life and awaken your greatest potential

Interactive and positive approach

Course over 2 sessions in São Paulo (groups of 4 to 5 people max)

Workshop dates: 23 and 29 October / 6 and 13 November / 4 and 11 December

More information:

Bénédicte Seguin

Life & Executive Coaching

As a certified coach my expertise helps address challenges related to career transition, students career guidance, interpersonal communication skills and leadership development.

Combining creative, positive and benevolent coaching approach to enable you to maximise your potential and use your talents to benefit your aspirations.

I offer action-oriented coaching style with measurable results, so that individuals and teams can achieve their goals.



Coaching-a rewarding experience

Cyrille, HR Director Louis VuittonExecutive Coaching

Bénédicte showed a high level of professionalism in her work, and we noticed an obvious improvement with positive feedback from the Managers she worked with.

Céline, Vice Principal, Lycée Français of São Paulo - BrazilStudent Career Guidance

For the past two years, Bénédicte has been working with high school students at International Lycée Pasteur in São Paulo. Very involved in our guidance committee, she leads a real successful career guidance policy for our future graduates by preparing them for postgraduate interviews.

Manuela, Sustainable Development ConsultantLife Coaching

Working with Bénédicte has been a rewarding experience. Emphasizing your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses together, she stimulates and follows you up to perform and achieve your objectives.


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